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    Cheating in Habbo Hotel: Generate your free credits [2 Mar 2016]



    Habbo   You dreamed about it, we did it: we are proud today to be able to announce to all the avid players of Habbo Hotel that we have managed to develop a cheat allowing to obtain credits in an unlimited and totally free. Our cheat trick is simple and fast. To understand how to use our free credit generator for Habbo Hotel, watch the short video we have created to explain how it works and how to use it.
    Our generator allowing the free credit hack for Habbo Hotel in in French works totally online; That is to say that to benefit you do not need to download anything. Enjoy all the features and possibilities that Habbo hotel offers without having to buy credits for this purpose, thanks to our cheat free and unlimited credits Habbo hotel, compatible with all computers (MAC, PC) and now the tablets. Thank you for your support brands, feel free to make us feedback it holds us to heart and allows us to advance ever more in the design of our cheat tricks

    Cheat & Tip Habbo Hotel: Free and unlimited credits

    As you have understood, Habbo Hotel is a free game where you can have unlimited fun and meet people from all over the world! But this is a demeanor, and you know that at Tomnagame we hate it… Indeed, Habbo credits are the virtual currency of the game. Without them you will be very quickly limited in your possibilities. These credits allow for example the purchase of furniture in order to furnish your apartment at your leisure, according to your tastes and your desires. They also serve to unlock options like new types of apartments, haircuts, clothes… Everything is done to make you want to spend money: new themes every year on Christmas, Halloween, Chinese New Year… You also have the option of subscribing to a club for $1.79 per month, which is supposed to bring you new and unpublished features that you cannot benefit from with your free account. Habbo-Hotel-Cheats At Tomnagame we refuse that your level of amusement depends on the level of your wallet! But we found the solution: a generator for obtaining credits for Habbo Hotel in a totally free way. It is totally online, which saves you long downloads, and allows you to pay nothing. It is compatible and works with all the computers (PC and Mac…) and all the tablets (Samsung, Ipad…) Select the resource you want to get. Launch our generator, a real cheat trick, tested and approved by many players from Habbo Hotel. You can explore all the hotel games, furnish your interior with no limits and money constraints and make as many friends as possible with our free credit generator for Habbo Hotel!

    HABBO HOTEL – Presentation of the game

    Habbo Hotel is a type of game that can be described as social. It was launched in August 2000 originally in Finland, and then in France in four years later, in November 2004. Created by Sampo Karjalainen and Aapo Kyrölä, it is owned by Sulake Corporation, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. The game is a real success. In temres of numbers, it is more than fifteen years of existence, which is huge for such a type of game, and more than 270 million of accounts created. It has also been published in more than nine languages. So it's a world success story that Habbo Hotel has experienced. But what does this game really consist of? Habbo is a game that could be described as hybrid: it is actually the perfect mix between video game and social network, where players can have real interactions between them. It is a kind of virtual world where you will start your adventure by creating your own avatar. You will be able to personalize it at your leisure to create a character that resembles you as faithfully as possible, or at the ideal you would like: Everything is allowed in Habbo! Colors of skins, colors of eyes, hair, hairstyle, dress, it is you who choose among the infinite possibilities… OncCheat-Habbo-Hotele you have given birth to your avatar, true extension of yourself, you will be able to make it evolve in the different apartments created by the team of Habbo and will be able to get in touch with the other players, thanks to the help of the Cat. You will be able to live a real life, have social relations, go for a drink, visit the other apartments of the players… Attention However, this virtual world is destined for people over the age of thirteen. You must be careful however when you are on Habbo Hotel, as there will be plenty of players like you who have no bad intentions, but also others because you never know who can actually hide behind a fictitious character, an avatar. Avoid giving too personal information about yourself such as your address or your last name. But rest assured, the game is also very well monitored by moderators to make it a unique place of exchange. The game has met so much success that it is sometimes possible to get in touch with real celebrities, via their avatar on Habbo, in apartments create specially for the occasion! For a few hours you will have the opportunity to exchange with your favorite celebrities directly via the chat. To give you some small examples, here are the names of some stars who have already participated in this: Colonel Reyel, Kev Adams, Tony Parker, Valérie Damindot, Max Boublil… and many others but impossible to mention everything!