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    During the holidays, you've been pretty darn many to write us: for wish us happy holidays to all, but especially to ask us a cheat for the game Storm Born trick. A little-known game but yet very strong obviously works and which seems to please you. As usual we decided to feast our readers! So it's gone!! No restless at Cheatgratuit what…   Tod:)ay I'm going to tell you about Storm Born: War of Legends. This is a game of strategy and construction that is to build his own Kingdom with the help of a panel of Heroes all too different from each other. The goal is obviously to develop both of these to rise to true master of game and to be the most dreaded of all! You need to be strategic in order to develop a competent army defensive know-how infallible. Don't forget that your attacks should be also controlled and thoughtful. Depending on how you do it, you will harvest at the end of the battle – if it is won, of course – a proportional number of resources and chances to acquire new skills and new knowledge. Cheat-Storm-Born In Storm Born, your main resources are gold and the archon (kind of small blue vials). These allow you to improve the qualities of your buildings or those of your heroes. For a fighting game, the evolution of your characters as well as that of your structures must be constant. The use of these resources is so regular and for everything say you… quite expensive. So you can probably already see, Storm Born fits into a Freemium game type model: the game is a free download via any platform supporting but to take advantage of a nice gameplay and without limits, you need sooner or later to purchase these resources. That is why you have a menu "store". Gems can be considered as resources, insofar as you can reduce your time of waiting against a handful of them. But, in the same way that for gold and the archon, these are quite exceptional. At cheatgratuit, we offer to end this apparent nightmare of limited resources. How? And well with the use of a generator of resources that will credit your accounts as you wish! But before that, if you are a novice, a small presentation is needed: the cheatgratuit site was designed by a group of geeks passionate but tired of marketing winding lurking behind the new online games. Very quickly, the idea of a generator online, totally free and secure came to our mind. So it is with a team of developers and beta-testers that we have implemented this project. Today, cheatgratuit is one of the leading tools of cheat sites. Every game has its quality, we tailor each generator accordingly. After a long test phase, we are today quite proud to present the gold coins, gems and potions for StormBorn generator!

    How does the generator of gems, coins (golds) and potions for Storm Born?

    To use the generator of gems, gold coins and potions for Storm Born, nothing simpler! Maybe have you already met during the reading of this article a button "to access the generator. Thus begins your adventure. By clicking this button, you can access our online platform where only the e-mail address (or pseudonym) that you use for your Storm Born account as well as the type of device you use will be required. Of course, feel free to encrypt then the amount of resources you wish to have on your account. Then simply click on the "Generate" button and then go to your game to see the results of your efforts. Cheat-Storm-Born What safety measures for the StormBorn generator? In order to ensure maximum reliability for our users, we have set up an additional security system by which you will have to pass so that our server recognises you as an individual and not as a machine. This recognition is essential for a safe and effective use of our cheat tool! Thus, we recommend that you watch most carefully the introductory video in this article in order to better understand the challenges of this phase. And then what? Then it's the beautiful Life: unlimited resources, guaranteed gameplay and GUARANTEED security! Finally, be aware that a small commentary always makes us happy and that it contributes to the life of the community of Cheatgratuit. If you also want to be part of our team and give us your opinion, just write to us and you may be able to test our future generators and share your feelings with other future cheatgratuit cheater!

    By the way, Storm Born war of legends, what is?

    Hack-Storm-Born Edited by JuiceBox Games, released in November 2015, company Storm Born is both a RPG game like a fighting game. History happens to couples, a wonderful and magical Kingdom threatened by some awful attackers willing to take the entire possession of the territory. The objective of the game is to form an army and collecting various heroes in order to multiply your attacks. Storm Born also presents itself as a management game since you will first have to build a solid foundation that will allow you to evolve ever more powerful characters! So, what are you waiting for? To your generators and good part!