Hack & Cheat One Piece Treasure Cruise: Rainbow gems and Belis – free


Today I talk about a small treasure, my small shot of the moment: One Piece Treasure Cruise. Published by Bandai Namco Games, One Piece Treasure Cruise is a RPG game available on iOS and Android in Freemium from 2015.

The “Freemium” is a game mode that allows you to download a set of completely free manner but whose options are paying. In the case of One Piece Treasure Cruise, you are warned at the beginning of the part: “some objects which may improve the gameplay and accelerate your progress are available for purchase in-game. Of course, it is most often very useful objects and it becomes highly tempting to barter a few euros against their purchase to be the lucky holder!

You must admit that all this is quite boring… In addition to the paid options, you have an endurance (stamina) limited that runs to each combat you lead against your opponents. You can however re – fill your energy gauge using your key resources i.e.: Rainbow gems and the belis.

For ordinary players, these resources represent a rare commodity that will limit the gameplay but for the followers of cheatgratuit, history is another tool that we provide you with gems turn into a distant memory…

If you’re still new here, no problems, we are here to explain to you. cheatgratuit is one of the leading site of cheat online tools. Specialising in videogames, we conceptualize a-Z all our tools cheat (cheats) and proceed to long phases of test before putting at your disposal. With our first experiences and our network of beta testers, we were able to develop so we are recognized today: the generator of gems.

Each is unique and is suitable on the basis of the game to which it applies. In addition, and even before being 100% functional, it is 200% safe and reliable. Today I am proud to present you our new Rainbow gems and belis generator!

Cheat One Piece Treasure Cruise – Advantages and disadvantages

    What are the benefits of using our generator?

  • Your bank account is in suffered more
  • Gameplay in comfort and without limit of game!
  • A safe and reliable, tool recommended by our beta testers
  • Handsomely before buddies

What are the disadvantages to use our generator?

  • To attract the jealousy of buddies (unless you share the trick, obviously!)

The generator Rainbow gems, and belis, how does it work?

For new Cheatojeurs, know that the generator is a very simple tool to use. Moreover, it is quite possible that your grandparents use it already… Kidding aside, you will find at the top of my article a short explanatory video that we made to guide you step-by-step through this process. I urge you to watch this video so that you understand the issue of the safety device that we have been forced to implement. Indeed, other hackers have attempted to tamper with our work forcing us to integrate human recognition on our generator. But, if you read these lines, it is that you are human.


    For those who prefer to read me (thanks! #jouesrouges), here are the steps to do not burn:

  • Accessing the generator by clicking on the red button available by evidence at the top of this article
  • Enter your email address linked to your account Google Play Store or App Store. If you play while connected to Facebook, the technique also works by the simple inclusion of the e-mail address linked to your Facebook account. ATTENTION: Your password is strictly confidential. At any time we will ask you to enter so don’t do simply not.
  • Label the Rainbow gems, and belis number which you want to credit your account One Piece Treasure Cruise and click on “generate”.
  • Prove that you are a man (a human what) by validating our security system (watch the video at the top of this article in order to fully grasp the trick)
  • Enjoy the game my friend!

Some excerpts from the returns of our be (s) ta-testers:

Flo260488: “top the Cheatojoueurs!» You enjoy! Now I can play more than 15 minutes! Really extra! »

MonkeyDLuffy91: “the game is so rich in character and the time-consuming collation fighting that it was really a generator to meet our expectations! No worries for me, I’m having even if my girlfriend pulled a bit of cum now»

But in fact, One Piece Treasure Cruise, what is?

Tire from directly from the most excellent manga Japanese One Piece, the game is an RPG which proposes regular fighting and especially a large collection of characters. For my part, it is really the most surprising point of the game. There is a crazy amount of characters can really harmonise the fighting and diversify the attacks. Moreover, the part is always accompanied by a ‘story’ pretty funny animation that sticks to the manga.


The only point really negative rests in the choice of the music that are globally rampant and not really catchy to adventure proposed to us. But when you have a quantity of gems like yours now, there are really excuses, eh?

It only remains for me to wish you an excellent part before remember you that it is quite possible to leave your opinion at the bottom of this article in the comments section.

Very soon on cheatgratuit!