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    Cheat smite – Get free gems

    Hi all, in this article we will tell you about the gem generator that we managed to create.   As you know without doubt, many people have managed to enjoy a League of Legends flaw that allowed to have unlimited RP. Since that flaw has been fixed. However, we managed to use the same method for smite in order to have gems for free and for now, the flaw has still not been corrected. Take advantage of it to fill your gems account. As often, our generators are suffering the wrath of rage, so we have to put an online security, watch well the video at the top of the article to understand how to use the generator (this is a video example, but it works the same way with the Smite generator).

    Introducing the Smite online game

    Smite is a multi-player battle online video game in the arena where players embody deities. This is a game that is edited and developed by Hi-Rez Studios. It has been released since 25 March 2014. It applies the economic model free to play even if it is a freemium game, i.e. it is a game that is based on a business strategy that combines a free offer, totally accessible to everyone and a premium offer that is high-end with Many benefits and access is paid. The Its gameplay, which is the set of rules governing the game, is that of a MOBA (multiplayer online battle Arena) which are strategic online role playing games that integrate duels and clashes of small groups of characters. His graphics are based on the Unreal Engine 3. Smite is a game that places the player or gamer in the skin of an ancient deity of antiquity who will have to fight in the arena against other deities that are controlled by other players. The clashes are Titanic and you will notice a great presence of artificial intelligence that will control all non-player characters. Through this game you will embody the deities of many civilizations. Indeed, you can choose to embody the god of the dead Hel or Odin the mighty father of Thor with regard to the deities of the north. For the gods of Greece, you have the opportunity to choose the god of Heaven Zeus, Artemis the goddess Huntress or even the spider goddess Arachne. The Indian deities are represented by Kali the goddess of death or Agni the god of fire. You will also find Chinese deities, through Ao Kuang the Dragon King of the Eastern seas and He Bole god of the Yellow River. There is also the presence of Egyptian deities in the game, embodied by Bastet the Goddess Cat, the Sun-god Ra and Sobek the crocodile-headed god of the Nile. A special character presentation technique is adopted in smite. Indeed, his view is the third person and one has the impression that a camera is placed in the back of the character. It is a change of perspective that allows for another approach in how you will approach the gameplay, although the mechanisms of this type of game are retained. More than seven smite modes are currently available. So you have the Arena mode which has an oval map, with exit points of the two teams that are done up or down. You can distinguish three walls in each direction and there are neutral monsters that grant buffs. The different characters of each team can meet in the centre. At the beginning of the game, each player is assigned 500 points that can be increased or diminished depending on whether he wins or loses the fights. In conquest mode, the map is symmetrical and puts two teams of five players in opposition. You can choose between three paths that are separated by a jungle that swarms neutral monsters that give buffs. These three lanes are run by minions that appear punctually and simultaneously for each team. The tracks are defended by Phoenix and turrets that slow down the progress of each team even more than the creeps. You have to get into a strong place and fight the Titan that is defended by its own team. If the latter is defeated, you win the victory. Domination mode is the same as Conquest mode. It has three positions in the jungle that you have to defend while keeping your tickets. At the beginning of the game you have 500 tickets and the first team that loses all these tickets also loses the game. In assault mode, you must unlock characters that are then randomly assigned to you. The map has only one path. Each team is equipped with a Phoenix and two turrets. You do not have the option of buying objects outside of the spawning areas. Like other modes, you cannot teleport into this one. The goal remains the same as in Conquest mode. You also have other modes such as the jousting, the siege and the day mode that will renews every day by gathering the peculiarities in relation to the other classical parts. So you have access only to Egyptian or Greek gods, or you access 100 000 gold coins to buy all the characters and all the equipment available from the game.

    The weakest points of smite

    The optimization of smite is not always performing, it took months after the official release of the game to have a drinking system. Sometimes you can see bugs during the game even if they are rare. There is very little skin, which makes you have to do with the current appearance of your characters without being able to modify it. There are also a lot of "duds" at the translation level. However, the huge problem of the smite game is the slow progress in your games. Gold coins are weak and you have to wait for hours to get enough coins to buy a new character or new equipment unless you decide to buy them online.


    A solution that ensures rapid progression

    For all amateurs who want to progress quickly, but who do not want to spend money to buy gems, they can use the unlimited generator of gems that you can find on the site Cheatgratuit. This generator does not need to be downloaded and it allows you however to access an unlimited amount of gems that you will use to buy new characters and all the necessary equipments to make your gods even more powerful . This generator is undetectable, and also has daily updates. You are a Fan of moba and you like to have an interesting advantage? Cheatgratuit has what it takes for him: Scripter on LOL & Hearthstone