Cheat & Script lol-League of legend Hack [26 Feb 2016!]


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    If you've arrived on this page, it's definitely because you're looking for a league of Legends script for your favorite champion. You have come to the right place because that is exactly what we have to offer! We have scripts available for all the champions.

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    Why use a script or a bot in League of Legends?

    The use of scripts in League of Legends was enormously pointed fingers as in many video games after the appearance of a big creator of cheating scripts in the United States. Riot failed to secure its interface it became very complicated for them to identify the cheats and punish them. Many players of very high level are said and repeated: "Nothing like a time lapse of partial cheat to learn to see the games in the right way" in summary several pro players of League of Legends and other games like counter strike put forward The fact that cheating is constructive in some video games. Not to ride on his opponent (which will usually be the case) but well in learning some game mechanics or even to watch his "minimap" more often in League of Legends. Indeed in League of legends, several parameters come into play in the progression of a player:

    • The mastery of his character
    • The Farm
    • The vision/reading of the Games
    • Decision Making

    Unfortunately not enough for players who stagnate in bronze or silver, but often decision making and game vision are the things to improve that make the difference to actually progress. Some players focus their efforts on their game mechanics rather than on the rest. That's too bad! How to get out of the EloHell then? Do not think that some players have never paused the question! Today as always the EloHell is a common problem on League of legends. Frequent does not mean serious or incurable friends? In fact you just need to improve and learn to lead your team to victory. Solo Q If you wait for your team to do it for you you will surely be disappointed. That's what we call carry! To go back to the scripting we should not see things in a negative way… In fact the little scripting actually do miracles in the long run. As a League of Legends player for 2 years in a completely irregular way I must admit, I am today Diamond 5 and I owe this evolution essentially to the scripts I used. To be honest with you I went from Gold 5 to Diamond 5 in 1 month of play thanks to the script. Today I do not use the script as much as before and I hold my lanes in diamond 5. I confess that I did not believe my eyes myself… but the script completely changed my way of playing and in a good way. I focus on goals, I know when to take risks and when not to take, I know how to make good calls with my team and how to make a decision that makes the difference.
    When I picked up League of Legends a few months ago I didn't have a competitive spirit at all, I was like many of you skeptical. I thought I was going to stagnate in my little gold still a long time and I didn't pretend to go higher simply. But thanks to the cheatgratuit cheat software I totally surpassed all my expectations, and all that with simple scripts, in Beta Bonus, today these are much more advanced and entirely in French.

    What are the LoL scripts available in French?

    Today we are extremely proud to announce that the Cheatgratuit team has developed for you several cheat scripts completely undetectable and developed in. Lua as our most famous competitor on the market of the Scripting League of Legends. The advantage in passing through our tool is that we are completely free. Indeed we leave you the only options to go through a partner offer to which you can unsubscribe and in exchange for which you will access our script. Contrary to what is being done today, our script is very simple to use all the characters there are present, without special need to add a new character by buying it as proposed most of the scripting companies today … Regular users of cheatgratuit know our seriousness and our commitments to our fans. For other users let me remind you in a few seconds the values of our community:

    • Quality content and accessible by all.
    • Scripts and software tested several months before their shares with the users.
    • Simple and intuitive software (no need to be BAC + 7 in computer science!)
    • Hand-held manuals and effective support.

    To make a quick summary of the situation in one sentence I would say that Cheatgratuit offers you today the best of scripting software free there or the competition offers a product of less good quality at higher prices monthly. What are you waiting for to try the experiment? Click on the download button!

    Cheating on League of Legends, specifically what does that mean?

    The script we have developed allows you to support your games on several planes. Take the example of Ryze and his script that when he has all these CD's can make a combo "respondent" to perfection to explode his opponent of the most beautiful way. The Cooldowns are therefore used to perfection which makes it possible to optimize its champion and its grip on the game in progress.

    Some scripts like that of Cassio have become famous (watch the video above to see what a player looks like that script with Cassio)… so be careful when using some scripts. We recommend to do this to use with tweezers, starting to script on a Smurf in order to make you use the tool. Then once you've taken the hand, free to use it on your real account in ranked for example. But be careful not to use the known scripts such as Cassio. A High Elo players quickly recognize this type of script and will not hesitate to record the game to make you Ban. (This is the only way for Riot to banish the scripters and cheaters).

    Are there any risks when you cheat on League of Legends?

    This is a good question we must answer, when a player cheats with a script on League of Legends there is no way to be spotted by League of Legends directly. On the other hand in some cases it is not hard to be spotted by other players when you script. Indeed the scripts can allow you to detect a Grab of Thresh and to dodge it automatically when you did not have the vision on the latter… Weird for players with and against you no? The first time.. Lucky shot! But if it happens several times in the game you can get "grilled". So be careful not to use these tools any way. To download our all-in-one League of Legends scripting software Click now on the download button below and take the reins of the SOLOQ! Scripter on LoL is your progression solution?


    Click the button to download your script LoL!

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