Cheat H1Z1-undetectable [March 2016]


    Cheat H1Z1 – Aimbot and FlyHack

    Many of you asked us, we did! The first cheat 100% French for H1Z1. In the pack to download, you will have the cheat activable at will. You can choose between the AimBot and Flyhack options. The cheat comes with the documentation to use it, but we reassure you, it is very simple to use and in French! To download it in a free way, watch the video at the top of the article! H1Z1 is an action video game available on computer (PC/MAC) and Playstation. Conceived in a Post-apocalyptic themes, this game was developed and edited by Daybreak game Company. H1Z1 is a dynamic game that projects the player into the reality of a zombie apocalypse. This new universe that has seen the spread of the human race belongs to known subspecies. The player will have to seek to survive in this environment where he is both the hunter and the prey. The production of the game presents the world where the action takes place 15 years after the virus H1Z1 has been detected. According to the scenario of the game, this virus has put a whole era and a whole civilization in ruins. This situation obliges the last surviving people to fight tirelessly for their survival in the face of a horde of undead. The starting point for the action, for the designers of this game, is an accidental spread in a city somewhere in the United States. Wanting to offer a bigger field of action to the game, the developers have increased the size of the world by filling it both by a vast desert but also by cities.

    The decor has been made according to the daily realities of the United States with a graphic design and an exceptional style punctuated by forests and lifeless buildings. This game can be done solo or by teams with other players. The real challenge of H1Z1 lies in the diplomatic or military talents put in place by the player in order to win a clash with the zombies but especially with the other players who are often reluctant to be sympathetic. Despite the unraveling critics of the fans, he arrives in first place rankings for the delight of fans of the saga. This zombie survival game is available on steam for a few euros. At the beginning of the game, the player is dumped in a hostile space with only a flashlight and a few bandages. Moments after he has taken his marks, he is launched in search of resources in order to lengthen his life expectancy. The aim of the game is therefore to be able to live as long as possible in this environment while searching for food, weapons etc.  

    Cheat H1Z1: Flyhack – find weapons easily!

    For survival, the H1Z1 zombie game allows the player to fight both hand-to-hand and remotely with weapons. Beyond the fists that can be swapped against an axe or a hammer, H1Z1 also offers players pistols, shotguns or assault rifles or even the sniper, very rare to find. In this game, the player will have to make moderate use of firearms given the scarcity of ammunition. To facilitate the novice, this game has been equipped with a precise ballistics, effective and proven by the expertise of the developers. The precision of ballistics allows the player to reach his target at the head once the weapon pointed in his direction. These sparingly used firearms are among the most important resources of the game used to permanently eliminate a zombie. The direct confrontation is also an option which is used as a last resort and which helps the player when the weapons at his disposal are exhausted. Any time, in H1Z1 it is hard for a novice to find weapons spots. Indeed, it takes already a few hours of games to know the map, but still a few more hours to know exactly where to spawn the weapons. He will have to pray to find a hiding place to survive or a cache of weapons that the previous players have not yet discovered. This is an important problem that prevents players from enjoying the game properly and often handicaps players in the advancement of the game, since even repairing a vehicle is complicated due to lack of resources. With our cheat H1Z1, you can move extremely quickly, flying and invisible. Nothing better to spot the best places to spawn vehicles and weapons. Coupled with the AimBot cheat for H1Z1, you will finally become the killing machine that you dream of being!

    Aimbot H1Z1 – The cheat to kill everyone the first time!

    From its conception, the H1Z1 game is intended to be played in survival mode. It is because of this that the best spots of weapons and vehicles are in places difficult to access. For example the precinct is an excellent spawn of weapons. But it is still necessary to reach it before being killed by the people who camp around. That's why we developed an AimBot for H1Z1. Like the majority of our cheats, this one is free. Why have you put up an Aimbot will you tell us? Simply because the majority of people you cross have one. Indeed, the aimbot is a common thing on H1Z1, so much so that some more or less known streamers use it without an ounce of shame. Thanks to this AimBot you will be able to progress without worrying about losing a duel against a cheater. Coupled with the Cheat FlyHack h1z1, it will allow you to cross the map and kill everything that puts on your path.

    Our cheat can be downloaded by clicking on the button below. You just have to launch it before each part of H1Z1 and then you can access it in game by launching the command/cheatgratuit in the chat of the game (do not worry, this does not appear in the chat). Two buttons will appear allowing you to click on them to enable or disable the hacks you want to leave active (FlyHack and AimBot). They are disabled by default, it is up to you to activate the cheats h1z1. NB: The cheat is undetectable and will remain so as long as you update the hack (by clicking the Shift button, in-game. About one patch per week).
    telzcharger Click on the button to download your cheat H1Z1!
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