Cheat FIFA 16 – Hack Credits – Free [March 2016]

    Hello to all lovers of the round ball, or not for that matter! I am very happy to be able to do this article on the all new Fifa 16. I am a big fan of the Fifa series myself, and the work we have already done on the last Opus with the team cheatgratuit is insane, everything went very fast!   I talk to all fans of round balloons but not that… Indeed Fifa fans are not necessarily all footy! Some enjoy Fifa but can't see a match from A to Z! Yes, I know! Fifa 16 is a competitive and addictive game, we reach the pinnacle of everything that could be created until today in terms of football game… You will tell me that it makes sense but still! When I remember the first Fifa I tell myself that things have still particularly well evolved… It's very impressive, the animations, the goals, the passes, you'll never make the same hit twice in a row. The sensations of play are truly extraordinary…

    Cheatgratuit is the first site having set up a functional cheat on Fifa 16

    Most of the players experienced and accustomed to the old versions of Fifa say: Buying credit or points is overpriced in the long run. And I would like to believe them… But I for the shot I never had to do it! We could have selfishly kept our method and software for us without ever revealing them, but for those who know us this is not the style of the house!  

    Our Cheat Fifa 16: What do you think?

    This is no longer a secret for anyone, Fifa is the game that contained the most cheat in en 2014 and 2015 is just as successful at the level of hacks that can be found on the different opus of EA Sports. Mistrust though! There are also many malicious sites that seek to give you hacks ever more damaging, always less functional or worse… Software that can damage your computer. Why not us? Because we understand that a Fifa 16 online credit generator was much more interesting and not dangerous for our users… And in addition to that it is by far the most effective market and we are convinced! You don't believe us? Simply evaluate the reliability of other sites in seconds… Read the first 10 lines of their articles and you will soon realise that it is neither more nor less than people who do not speak French at all and who seek to roll you in the flour! The advantage of Fifa is that the game is not a "Pay to Win" blatant, one can easily dominate its opponents online through experience and "Skill" to as you hear it. However several very well ranked players have confessed… Sometimes it's annoying not to have more resources at stake, which is why some of them have made the choice to cheat!

    FIFA Generator 16: Cheatgratuit makes noise

    After several weeks of testing, Cheatgratuit has already set up a resource generator (credits, points, coins…) dedicated to Fifa 16, it went very fast… For a game of this magnitude, 3 developers and several testers were very quickly mobilized. A flaw has been established, sufficient to let our software enter the servers of the game and be able to generate within its last as many resources as possible: coins, credits. The hack is awesome, especially for me who am only "reporter" Cheatgratuit, although passionate I can tell you that watching our developer work like this is amazing. Untitled 10 The hack Fifa 16 is available thanks to the Access button to the generator present on this page, its use is very simple and intuitive:

    • Click the "Access the Credit Builder" button
    • Entry your nickname (Fifa 16)
    • Choose the number of credits you want to generate
    • Unlock your resources in a few clicks
    • Enjoy! :)


    The new FIFA 16!

    Last year, guilty Guardians, too high play rhythm and permeable defenses had a little spoiled the feast of a first version developed especially on new generation. Aware of the problem and the many negative remarks of his community, EA Sports, as mea culpa, significantly fixes the shot in FIFA 16. Slower, more coherent game speed, finally trustworthy goalkeepers on their line or in the box, less precise long passes and return of a real strategic dimension to the midfield are in the program of this cuvée, which is finally hoped worthy of FIFA rank. And by the way, the virtual football giant takes advantage of it to become a little more complete yet… All the Football! At the forefront of the innovations that appeal, we will note the supported passes, more difficult to control but faster, a more balanced head game, more numerous and realistic centers, or even the "no Touch dribbling", which reduces the contacts with the leather To deceive his defender. Neophytes like the pros will rejoice at the arrival of the option FIFA trainer, which, with a simple press on the right stick, displays on the screen all the commands, in real time, whether they are basic or advanced. Finally, the arrival in fanfare of the women's football brings a little more variety to a game monstrously exhaustive, which will seduce any amateur of the most popular sport. The 3 main assets linked to Fifa 16: After years in hell, the goals are finally returning to the height of our expectations, in their aerial outings as in their stops on the line. Forgot the nightmare of the strikes at the first post. Fifa 15 left far too often the fast attackers spinning against assassins, the defenders thus raise the tone. However, if you let them go, do not plan to catch up with Gale or Ronaldo… The game is also much more realistic! For example, we can see the new tattoo of Lionel Messi! Incredible…