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      For the record, that Candy Crush first emerged as an application on the Facebook social network, but in view of its success, the King (King Digital Entertainment) developer then adapted it for some operating systems like Android and iOS. Concretely, the game is to associate a minimum of 3 candy of a kind combinations. The alignment of these colorful delicious candy made in any direction, provided that no box of the game board is blocked. The game, very simple appearance, stimulates your responsiveness and your strategy in such a way that it makes you addicted from the first parts. I must say that I am quite convinced of the usefulness of this game that's quite stimulating our brain. The little plus of Candy Crush Saga is that you can play against your own friends and by extension, develop an intransigent competitor character! Obviously, like any Freemium game, Candy Crush Saga offers options that speed up our evolution in the game. Boosters allow you for example to complete a level when it becomes too complicated to complete. There are different types of boosters like the Candy Shuffle which disrupted entirely the game board or even additional Booster travel + 5. Our expert Candy Crush Saga readers already know without doubt, there are in the game of parties whose time is also recorded. In addition to play it strategist, it must also have infallible unereactivite. From level 27 of the game, you can unlock extra time Booster that gives you 15 more seconds at each level in time limited. Where everything gets complicated it is when we realize that the number of movements, lives or boosters is counted and that it takes more endless hours to be able to benefit from more game credits. Either you wait, you pay. However, this type of game features are clearly derived from a marketing approach that drives us to pay to avoid waiting. It's completely natural to succumb to these techniques for me. What is supernatural on the other hand, it is to submit to papal patience for a game that was strategic! For my part, my pain is relieved in a few bites of real candy and I must say both situations have annoyed me quickly! At, I dispatched the team to reunite our brains and find a lasting and effective solution.

    Our Candy Crush generator: play without limmites!

    Of course, at CheatGratuit, we quickly realized that he had to remedy the situation, especially when we know that Candy Crush Saga is one of the most played games on smartphone in 2014 (for the record, the company King is back at the New York Stock Exchange in February! Is say you…). We have therefore developed a new generator capable of powering all your development resources in the game: a number of unlimited travel with the inexhaustible life credits. The peculiarity of our generator, unlike other multiple online methods that you have probably already crossed, is that it releases only available boosters when you reach a certain level (typically the boost hammer lollipop found from 7th level and that helps to get rid of a sweet annoying). Impressive, isn't it? Suspicious, say more distrustful. I grant you, it looks rather inaccessible and it is normal to doubt, especially when you see the quality of the service proposed by many web sites. At Cheatgratuit, this generator has been tested on hundreds of devices that whether iOS or Androids, and I can assure you that I have greatly reduced my dose of annoyance and gelatin. Joking aside, you should know that these tests were conducted by our team on any type of device that can accommodate the application (smartphones, tablets, etc.). Most of the generators you find online are in downloadable format which is not the most secure way for you is it? … Between two paragraphs (clicking on one of the many buttons present on this pâge), you will find the famous generator (online) concocted by us: The advantage is that it does not download and is, therefore, fully reliable, durable and Free access because hosted by our servers, lively Internet! Be aware that each generator is unique because we adapt them all according to the features and options of the games. For parties without the constraint of time, available to all levels boosters or quantity of life not quantifiable, I suggest you rush without delay on "access the generator. This step will allow you to assimilate your Candy Crush Saga account to the generator safely. Then just use the email address you use to sign in to your account Candy Crush Saga. I insist on this point because some naive use another address and wonder about the inefficiency of the thing! Once your Candy Crush Saga account is linked to the free Cheat generator, you will be asked to indicate the number of lives you want in addition to the type of booster you need (know that you can ask for any kind of booster whatever Your level) or to delete the allotted time at all levels. The last step, certainly the hardest (S.O. L) is to click on "Generate" and to play without fear of any defeat against your opponents or to skull in front of your buddies! Enjoy with Cheatgratuit?